ANDRIS R 15-30

ARISTON's latest Andris R series is the epitome of luxury and functionality, breathing new life into the conventional water heater. While boasting a luxurious design by Italian designer Umberto Palermo, the Andris R series also promises extra durability through a copper heating element, ensures optimum water efficiency through the Flexomix technology, and total safety guaranteed by all ARISTON products all over the world.





    Power: 2.5 kW

    Voltage: 220 V

    Enameled tank coated at 850°C

    Large anticorrosion magnesium anode

    Max. Working Temperature: 75°C

    Max. Working Pressure: 7.5 bar

    Warranty: 5 years on tank



    Capacity: 15 Litre | 30 Litre  

    Heating Time (∆T=35°C): 0h 13min | 0h 27min

    Net Weight: 8 kg | 13 kg





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